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‘Lethal Memories was a real rollercoaster ride to the end. This well written thriller keeps the reader on their toes, gritty and brutal taking the reader from London to Lahore. It is a frightening read and although we are surrounded by acts of terrorism on the news, this brings the reader face to face with reality. This story kept me reading on till the very end, a recommended book.’
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‘Striking an excellent balance between action and emotion, Lethal Memories is a thriller propelled by character motivation. The outcome of this chase may either satisfy you or make you think that it is a realistic ending for a story dealing with real-world threats. Lethal Memories makes for lethal reading entertainment.’
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Hatred has had 30 years to mature and it’s time for revenge. Killing British sailors by bombing their warships works for Tarek and his friends, particularly when it’s funded by Al Qaeda. Mike’s task is to find and stop them. A little help from Mossad’s Danny and his favourite female assassin, Marina is welcome. But in the background, al-Kabuli is pulling the strings and he wants one of Pakistan’s nuclear devices.

5 Star Reviews

Extraordinary story, extraordinary adventure. A captivating read.

For those of you interested in birds of prey, it’s a must read.
For those who are not, you will be….

A wonderful insight into the world of falconry. Not one to put down. Gary Cope’s personality shines through and makes this an enjoyable read. Loved it !

Mesmerised by the sight of pair of kestrels, young Gary Cope’s dream was born: to become a professional falconer. Determination, luck, enthusiasm, dedication. love of birds all played their part in his journey to achieve his goal. One could say that he achieved that goal when he became the resident falconer at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire. There were the thrilling flying displays (that sometimes went awry), partridge hawking over the fields around Sudeley and flying falcons at grouse on the wild Yorkshire moors (complete with al fresco fine dining). Breeding birds of prey was a new challenge, attracting the interest from Saudi Prince Khalid. was totally new territory but attracted interest from a member of the Saudi royal family. And so, at the flip of an errant wing, Gary Cope found himself employed his Royal Professional Falconer. But that wasn’t quite the end.

Time to Fly maybe the memoirs of Gary Cope, Professional Falconer but his story reads more like a novel than a dry account. This is the tale of his journey to achieve his dream but it’s far more than that. It’s also about the peaks and troughs of life, about people and relationships, failure and success, dark dramas and comic events. Herein lie a multitude of cameos, strung together like pearls on a necklace. Or should that be – like the feathers of a falcon’s wing, each with its individual style and form, contributing to a thing of beauty and power? Perhaps.